Performance Research Volume 7 Issue 2


Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & Caroline Bergvall

ISBN: 978-0-415-28941

Translations considers the role of translation in the transmission of languages, texts and performance, a role which is both complex and paradoxical. Translation is traditionally associated with questions of monolingualism, national identity and literary heritage rather than with questions of exchange and shared influence. Translators are often seen as subservient and invisible mouthpieces. Yet, at the heart of translation is an operation of double vision. The translator is located in-between languages and is caught up in the messy and punctual business of handling language and cultural difference. Incompatible and non-translatable details are just as crucial as assimilable elements. Translation asks for a reassessment of the way we view and interpret cultural differences, verbal and performative materials. The editors invite contributions that explore the notion of traffic and exchange between cultures, between languages, between media. Translations of performance, language and the transformative body, experimental literary translations, plurilingual and multivocal pieces, code switching, new literacies, work which is concerned with erasure, appropriation or dissimulation, are all areas for consideration.

Editorial: Translations

Ric Allsopp, Caroline Bergvall

pp. 1 - 3

From the 'Jinns' (Genies) series, 2000 - 40 x 30 inch b/w photographs [artist's pages]

Zineb Sedira

pp. 4 - 5

Translating Humour: Equivalence, compensation, discourse

Lawrence Venuti

pp. 6 - 16

The Text Writes Itself

Arnold Dreyblatt

pp. 17 - 23

Pashto is spoken in Afghanistan [artist's pages]

Rainer Ganahi

pp. 24 - 25

Watching in Translation: Performance and the reception of surtitles

P.A. Skantze

pp. 26 - 30

Intervention 1: Don't Think About It - Blues

Claudia Wegener

pp. 31 - 34

Seduction and Translation

Alain Platel, Adrian Kear

pp. 35 - 49

The Japanese Legs Dyed/My Great British Hair Dyed [artist's pages]

Sean Wu Shih-hung

pp. 50 - 51

Trans-e-lation by the Trans-atlantic Journey

Anya Lewin

pp. 52 - 57

Intervention 2: The Exhorbitant Body

Erin Mouré

pp. 58 - 59

Simultaneous Equivalents': Adrian Piper, Bernadette Mayer, Hannah Weiner in 0-9

Redell Olsen

pp. 60 - 65

Intervention 3: Fleeing the Light

Rod Mengham

pp. 66 - 68

Four Translations [artist's pages]

Monica Ross, Allen Fisher, Morgan O'Hara

pp. 69 - 74

Performance Itself

George Quasha, Charles Stein

pp. 75 - 89

Seven Tableaux Vivants [artist's pages]

Charles Bernstein

pp. 90 - 95

software for dancers: coding forms

Scott de Lahunta

pp. 96 - 102

Intervention 4: Jump Reading as Excess

Clare Moloney

pp. 103 - 105

Gingko Knuckle Nubia [artist's pages]

Anne Tardos

pp. 106 - 111

Indonesian Whispers: The journey of a Peter Turrini text from Vienna to Melbourne

Bronwyn Tweddle

pp. 112 - 118

BlaBla The Ruins of Europe in Back of Me

Scott Magelssen, John Troyer

pp. 119 - 128

Intervention 5: Say: 'Parsley'

Cathy Turner

pp. 129 - 130

Translating John Malkovich

Lynn Turner

pp. 132 - 137

Performance Review: Facing Pages

Joanna Roche

pp. 138 - 140

Notes on Contributors

pp. 141 - 142