Performance Research Volume 7 Issue 1

On Editing

Issue editors: Claire MacDonald & William H. Sherman

ISBN: 978-0-415-28940

On Editing opens a volume on ‘Textualities’ (PR, Vol. 7, Nos 1–4, 2002) which considers the changing nature of performance texts and relations between writing, textuality and performance, in four related issues: On Editing, Translations, On Fluxus, and On Archives and Archiving. This issue will address the relationship between performance and publication, as well as the ways in which the traditionally invisible role of editor has changed. Contributions might look at the part played by editors in bringing performance to print, and at how editing might be related to other mediating and shaping roles – such as curating or dramaturgy. The place of editing in the work of artists themselves; the changing nature of the printed book; the future of editing in the new technologies; particular instances or case studies of editing; and the relation of the textual, aural and visual, might all be subjects for consideration. The editors also invite collaborations between artists and critics, as well as work that extends the possibilities of the visual page, or that situates critical work within a visual context.

Enter Editor

Claire MacDonald, Bill Sherman

pp. 1 - 2

Lexicon (1): Alphabetical Order, Arbitrariness, Archive

Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Tim Etchells, Matthew G. Kirschenbaum

pp. 3 - 6


W. B. Worthen

pp. 7 - 21

Lexicon (2): Conjecture, Digital Texts

Kari Kraus, Jerome McGann

pp. 22 - 23

The Inaudibility of 'Good' Sound Editing: The case of Caedmon records

Sarah Parry

pp. 24 - 33

Private Performances: Editing performance photography

Catherine Grant

pp. 34 - 44

Disinter/est: Digging up our childhood

Joshua Sofaer, Joanna Sofaer Derevenski

pp. 45 - 56

Cutting It Up: Fragments and ruins in Julia Barclay's New York Theatre

Cathy Turner

pp. 57 - 63

Lexicon (3): Emendation and History

Stephen Orgel

pp. 64 - 65

Actions that a man might play': Mourning, memory, editing

Laurie Maguire

pp. 66 - 76

Lexicon (4): Et al,. Excavation

Peter Hulme, Fiona Templeton

pp. 77 - 77

Crafting Madness: A correspondence on editing The Booth Variations

Todd Cerveris, Caridad Svich

pp. 78 - 89

The Page Refigured: The verbal and visual language of Suzan-Lori Park's Venus

Elizabeth Dyrud Lyman

pp. 90 - 100

Lexicon (5): Graphesis, Index Cards

Johanna Drucker, Philip Auslander

pp. 101 - 102

Editing as Intervention in Social Space

Mark W. Rectanus

pp. 103 - 120

Archives: Pinto Mi Raya: Drawing the line in Mexico City

Mónica Mayer

pp. 121 - 128

Lexicon (6): Scattered Leaves

David Norbrook

pp. 129 - 129

Book Reviews

Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, Claire MacDonald, Bill Sherman

pp. 130 - 138

Lexicon (7): Scratch

William H. Sherman

pp. 139 - 140

Notes on Contributors

pp. 141 - 142