Current issue: Volume 27 Issue 2

On Touch

Issue editors: Martin Welton

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2023) 27:2

This special issue deals with touch as it appears, is deployed, applied and experienced in the production and reception of performance. However, rather than continue to perpetuate a dyadic account – of touching and being touched – in which it remains a fundamentally passive receipt of sensory information about other things, the issue's authors give attention to the active, the multiple and the mysterious in the act of touching. To reduce touch to sensation alone would be to obscure the tension and release inherent to the acts of hefting, grasping, stroking, pressing and testing that are shaped and afforded in acts and events of performance. Even more than this, as the issue's authors attest, to attend to these acts is to describe an aesthetics – a knowing in sensing – in the admixture of bodies, environments and events.