Current issue: Volume 26 Issue 8


Issue editors: James Harding & Fraser Stevens

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2022) 26:8

This edition of Performance Research dives into the murky realities that belie undercover and covert undertakings. From domestic engagements to clandestine settings (of which some appear to be one and the same) this issue tackles the ethics, challenges, moral pitfalls, gendered realities, moments of necessity and artistic qualities of undercover practices. Many are topics that fall within the categories of ‘performing ground’ (Levin), ‘not–not identities’ (Schneider), ‘intentional concealment’ (Bok) and ‘dark play’ (Schechner). With an array of international contributors, this issue moves beyond the traditional and popular conceptualization of ‘undercover’ to question how society understands the covert, clandestine and hidden, and where theatre and performance intersect with such undertakings. ‘Undercover’ draws back the curtain on otherwise unseen practices and knowledge and allows readers to glimpse the hidden worlds beneath and within.