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Performance Research Books follows and expands the policy of the journal, but opens into publishing monographs, bookworks, and singular works on distinctive practice.

Performance Research Books publishes generously illustrated and finely designed books that present documentation and analysis of contemporary performance practice - through the work of individual artists, companies and ensembles. Each publication combines texts, scores and critical reflection on a distinctive body of work, together with scholarly and theoretical analysis of the practice, the voices of practitioners, the view of the makers and the evidence of the work.

Performance Research Books publishes and commissions work that stems from a scholarly engagement with artist-led research and practice. Each publication seeks a lively conversation between theory and practice and the work is revealed and illuminated through dialogue and discourse exploring a variety of formats: interviews, photo-essays, performance texts, scenographic designs, scores, notes and scribbles, and critical analysis. Performance Research Books follows and expands the policy of the journal, but opens into publishing monographs, bookworks, and singular works on distinctive practice.

PR books is an imprint of ARC, a division of the Centre for Performance Research Ltd, an educational charity limited by guarantee. The Centre for Performance Research is located in Wales and works internationally.

Inside Performance Practice

The books of the Inside Performance Practice series focus upon the work, process and aesthetic strategies of specific companies, ensembles and individual artists.

Current titles:

Lola Arias: Re-enacting Life  

Lola Arias: Re-enacting Life

Edited by Jean Graham-Jones
Lola Arias (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1976) is one of the leading artists working in international theatre today. This book provides a documentary overview of her many productions, gathering together scripts, photographs, and rehearsal and post-production notes, as well as artistic and critical reflections from collaborators and scholars.
ISBN 978-1-906499-05-1

Forthcoming titles:

BADco (Croatia); Ong Keng Sen/TheatreWorks (Singapore); Alicia Rios (Spain)

Thinking Through Performance

The monographs of Thinking Through Performance will complement and augment the existing series, Inside Performance Practice, that has focused upon specific performance companies or artists and the engagement of scholarship with practice in relation to a distinctive body of work. Thinking Through Performance will allow more cross-cutting, interdisciplinary and speculative writing around and through performance and will enable, through translation, emerging and ground-breaking critical theory about performance, otherwise inaccessible to an English-speaking readership. We are delighted to launch this series with Valentina Valentina’s intellectually thrilling Worlds Bodies Matters (translated by Thomas Simpson) and this will be followed soon with Performance, Philosophy, Labour by Bojana Kunst (translated by Una Bauer).

PR DVDs & Other Media series includes:

The Articulate Practitioner - Articulating Practice (produced and compiled by Jill Greenhalgh and Mike Brookes)

This interactive DVD-ROM comprises research material generated by the Magdalena Project: International Network of Women in Contemporary Theatre.

It includes documentary material from artist-led workshops, performances, performed lectures, presentations, and academic papers.