Performance Research Volume 7 Issue 3

On Fluxus

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp, Ken Friedman & Owen Smith

ISBN: 978-0-415-28942

To mark the 40th anniversary of the first Fluxus festival in Wiesbaden, Germany, and the 30th anniversary of Fluxshoe which toured England with a series of performances, concerts, and exhibitions (1972–3), On Fluxus will continue the volume theme of ‘textualities, scores and documents’ and focus on the relationship of writing and textuality to Fluxus. Fluxus was an international community of artists, architects, designers, and composers described as ‘the most radical and experimental art movement of the 1960s’. As a laboratory of experimental art, Fluxus was the first locus of intermedia, concept art, events, and video, and a central influence on performance art, arte povera, and mail art. The issue will be guest edited by Ken Friedman, an active participant in Fluxus, as an artist since 1966, as director of Fluxus West for a decade, and as editor of The Fluxus Reader (1997); and Owen Smith, an art historian and curator specializing in intermedia and multimedia art forms, and author of Fluxus: History of an Attitude (1998).

Editorial: In Two Voices

Owen Smith

pp. 1 - 2

Avant-gardism and the Fluxus Project: A failed utopia or the success of invisibility?

Owen Smith

pp. 3 - 12

The Enduring Freedoms [artist's pages]

things not worth keeping

pp. 13 - 14

Silence and Savant-garde: Beuys, Fluxus, Duchamp

Chris Thompson

pp. 15 - 25

Flux Photos [artist's pages]

Lisa Kahane

pp. 26 - 29

MANRESA: Autobiography as method…

Claudia Wegener

pp. 30 - 46

Reading Between the Lines: Word as conceptual project

Brandon LaBelle

pp. 47 - 54

The Enduring Freedoms [artist's pages]

things not worth keeping

pp. 54

Fluxus and Advertising in the late 1960s… and Now

Kevin Concannon

pp. 55 - 63

Fluxus Periodicals: Constructing a conceptual country

Stephen Perkins

pp. 64 - 76

The Enduring Freedoms [artist's pages]

things not worth keeping

pp. 77

Origins of Fluxus Score: From indeterminacy to the 'do-it-yourself' artwork

Anna Dezeuze

pp. 78 - 94

Fluxus Performance Workbook - a Selection [artist's pages]

Kevin Mount

pp. 95 - 109

The Brechtian Event Score: A structure in fluxus

Julia E. Robinson

pp. 110 - 123

Working with Event Scores: A personal history

Ken Friedman

pp. 124 - 128

Book Review

Çetin Sarikartal

pp. 129 - 134

Archive Review

Adrian Glew

pp. 135 - 138

The Enduring Freedoms [artist's pages]

things not worth keeping

pp. 139

Notes on Contributors

pp. 141 - 142