Performance Research Volume 24 Issue 7

On Disappearance

Issue editors: Esther Belvis Pons & José A. Sánchez

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2019) 24:7

In these days in which existence is akin to making us visible and we have proneness to mediatized exposure, global unrest gives evidence of how we have condemned our senses to the obvious, noisy and tumultuous. The sovereignty we have granted to the visible is indicative of our ineptitude to respect our lives, account for our history and dismantle Anthropocentrism. It is precisely in this conflicting state of affairs that disappearance emerges as an alternative approach to put critical pressure on the construction of life, as it defies the visual, continuous and iterative forms of representation. Disappearance and its paradoxical manifestations—voluntary or forced—touch off delicate and thoughtful dramaturgies of the isolated, hidden or unconnected. Through its always fragmented and elusive stories and actions, a process of shared ‘attunement’ emerges, providing healing scenarios of dissent. This Performance Research issue brings together international scholars and artists who explore the fragilities of disappearance by acknowledging the effects of our daily ‘performance’ through essays, intimate scenes and provocations.


Esther Belvis Pons

pp. 1 - 5

Presence and Disappearance

José A. Sanchez

pp. 6 - 15

Landscapes of Disappearance

Edwin Culp

pp. 16 - 22

Erasing, Obfuscating and Teasing out from the Shadows : Performing/installing the camps’ (in)visibilities

Beth Weinstein

pp. 23 - 31

Disappearing Dance, Dancing Disappearance : On Arkadi Zaides’s choreography Archive

Krassimira Kruschkova

pp. 32 - 38

Diffracting Histories of Performance : Participatory practices in the historicization of political performance art

Hélia Marçal

pp. 39 - 46

To Dress Up in the Other’s Skin : Presence, absence and intersubjectivity

Maite Garbayo-Maetzu

pp. 47 - 55

¿Dónde está Bruno?/Where is Bruno? : Lukas Avendaño’s autobiography as a political act

Alejo Medina

pp. 56 - 60

Unexpected Witnesses : An artistic practice from a ‘plurality of ways of knowing’ surrounding political disappearance

Livia Daza-Paris

pp. 61 - 68

Testimony of Corporal Print and Traceable Sediments after El puro lugar

Geraldine Lamadrid Guerrero

pp. 69 - 76

Constructing Genealogies of Disobedient Performance : Disappearance by/in the media

Anita E. Cherian, Gargi Bharadwaj

pp. 77 - 85

Invisible Nature in the Case of Maud Allan

Helen Murphy

pp. 86 - 91

Seeping Out : The diminishment of the subject in Hito Steyerl’s How Not to Be Seen

Sebastian Althoff

pp. 92 - 98

Documenting Disappearance : A day in the ‘research laboratory’ of Iona and Peter Opie

Michael Eades

pp. 99 - 102

Fugitive Dance : Counter-censorship strategies for a disappearing future

Ignacio de Antonio Antón

pp. 103 - 109

Art Museums and Audibility : Invisible action and acoustic reporting in Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Earwitness Theatre (2018)

Georgina Guy

pp. 110 - 116


Ixiar Rozas Elizalde

pp. 117 - 122

Bodies Reappear as Action : On synthetic voices in performance

Jaume Ferrete-Vázquez

pp. 123 - 129

‘Indirect Modes’ of Theatre : Intervals of the presence in Teatro Ojo’s Deus Ex Machina

Rodrigo Parrini, Patricio Villarreal Ávila

pp. 130 - 136

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous : Extinction in the work of Marcus Coates

Sarah Wade

pp. 137 - 142

Hydroponic Hovering : A speculative narrative of sustainability and the human relationship with the ground

Asli Uludag

pp. 143 - 147

Scattered Democratization : Performance in the times of disappearance of attention

Jelena Vesić

pp. 148 - 153

Dancing Writing (artists’ pages)

Saz & Dunna

pp. 154 - 155

The Image of the Ghost (artists’ pages)

Green & Owens

pp. 156 - 160

Notes on Contributors

pp. 161 - 162