Performance Research Volume 23 Issue 2

On Writing & Performance

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp and Julieanna Preston

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2018) 23:2

This issue on contemporary writing and its performance, on performance and its writings, and on the various environments and contexts in which such work takes place, imagines how a text can be conceptualised, written, presented and figured with equal or more contingency and responsiveness to temporal and corporeal happenings, and vice versa. ‘On Writing & Performance’ seeks to extend current and historical dialogues on the shifting relationship between textual and performance practices and considers its theme from the perspectives of a diverse sweep of live, sited, scored and voice work, and critical texts in the fields of performance and writing. 

Editorial : On writing & performance

Ric Allsopp, Julieanna Preston

pp. 1 - 4

Tracing the Essay in Contemporary Performing Arts

Jasper Delbecke

pp. 5 - 12

Performance as Text. Text as Performance : Love Like Salt, a collaboration between a writer and an artist

Jess Richards

pp. 13 - 20

four castings [artist’s pages]

Julieanna Preston

pp. 21 - 24

Excerpts from the Library of Babel : A meditation on writing, electricity and ghosts

Ted Hiebert

pp. 25 - 30

Talking Text and Writing Extemporaneity : Aligning David Antin’s talk performance and editorial practices

Ira S. Murfin

pp. 31 - 36

How We Talk About The Work Is The Work : Performing critical writing

Theron Schmidt

pp. 37 - 43

Performing Academia in Public Space in Turkey

Özgül Akinci

pp. 44 - 48

Colluding with Darkness

Tru Paraha

pp. 49 - 54

Crypt-Poesis : Writing as performance archaeology

Sophie Sleigh-Johnson

pp. 55 - 60

In Praise of Doubt : Bringing sound studies to performance writing

Lynley Edmeades

pp. 61 - 68

Blast Theory’s Karen : Exploring the ontology of technotexts

Seda Ilter

pp. 69 - 74

Disrupting the Market in Echoes : Voice, body and technology in poetry and performance by Hannah Weiner and Holly Pester

Mark Leahy

pp. 75 - 81

The Feminist Possibility of Reader-as-Performer : in Caroline Bergvall’s Goan Atom (1. Doll)

Sydney Tran

pp. 82 - 85

Notes on Caring Labours: Re-collecting performances of noticing in taking note(s)_Performing care [Artist’s pages]

Jen Archer-Martin

pp. 86 - 89

Rewriting Participation : Takuya Murakawa’s Everett Ghost Lines

Kai Van Eikels

pp. 90 - 94

Astral Nomads : The way to the future

Yuliya Sorokina, Anar Eshmuratova, Laura Mussabekova

pp. 95 - 99

Towards Song : Re-shaping spoken lyric

John Hall, David Prior

pp. 100 - 106

Phantom Scripts : The censor’s archive and the phantom scripts of improvisation

James McLaughlin

pp. 107 - 111

WRITING upon DIRTY EDGES and CLEAN LINES [artist’s pages]

Lisa Munnelly

pp. 112 - 115

Autobiography : me, myself and you

Amaara Raheem

pp. 116 - 121

Thinking Circularly around Performance S/Objects

David Hall

pp. 122 - 123

Arts Archives : Introduction to ‘A Digital Essay On Performance’

Peter Hulton

pp. 124

Notes on Contributors

pp. 125 - 126