Performance Research Volume 22 Issue 5

On Names

Issue editors: Konstantina Georgelou & Janez Janša

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2017) 22:5

Prompted by the pervasive operation of names, which on the one hand act as empty signifiers and on the other ‘fix’ subjects within their cultural and social environments, this issue brings together a variety of contributions that explore the performativity, agency and problematics of names. On Names addresses issues around centring and decentring subjectivities through naming and asks what one can (un)do with names by means of art and performance. Ranging across recent political debates, astronomy, authorship, scholarship, procedures of renaming and artistic pseudonyms, the articles collected in this issue urge us to consider how names ‘capture’ us and at the same time generate different modes of agency and possibilities for political intervention. 

Editorial : What Names (Un)do

Konstantina Georgelou, Janez Janša

pp. 1 - 3

‘I am the Donald.’  : On the sound symbolism and symbolic power of powerful names

Marco Deseriis

pp. 4 - 14

Proper Name by Performing the Self : A dramaturgical analysis

Ana Vujanović

pp. 15 - 23


Kristin Sue Lucas

pp. 24 - 27

Naming the Cosmos Death : On performance, astronomy and Katie Paterson’s The Dying Star Letters

Felipe Cervera

pp. 28 - 34

Calling the Signifier by its Name : Citational rescue and the politics of ecstatic reception

Swen Steinhäuser

pp. 35 - 43

Spell or Spill It Out : Dismembering a name

Nazlihan Eda Ercin

pp. 44 - 51

To Name or Else

Janez Janša

pp. 52 - 61

Complicating Authorship : Contemporary artists’ names

Nicola McCartney

pp. 62 - 71

Juridical Regulation of a Name Change

Tadej Kovacic

pp. 72 - 79

The Unnaming of ‘Aliass’

Karin Bolender

pp. 80 - 84

How to Do Things with Names and Signatures : On the politics of performative (re)naming

Aldo Milohnić

pp. 85 - 93

The Function of Names in US Presidential Debates : Some recent powerplays

F. L. Blumberg

pp. 94 - 105

Naach, Launda Naach or Bidesiya : Politics of (re)naming

Janeindra Kumar Dost

pp. 106 - 112

On Stealing Viewpoints

Tony Perucci

pp. 113 - 125

Naming and Calling : Missing words

Lynette Hunter

pp. 125 - 127

Missing Names

Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink

pp. 128 - 137

Art and the Politics of Human Rights after 1945 (review)

Arnaud Kurze

pp. 138 - 140

Notes on Contributors

pp. 141 - 142