Performance Research Volume 17 Issue 6

On Labour & Performance

Issue editors: Gabriele Klein & Bojana Kunst

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2012) 17:6

Performance & Labour is adressing the relation of performance to the new forms of labour and new modes of employing human forces under contemporary capitalism. Especially in recent years, under the pressure of crisis, a general re-structuring of the cultural and educational spheres of contemporary society, as well as growing attempts to re-evaluate artistic work in general, there exists a need to rethink the processes of making art and art making and connect it to the question of labour. Any reflections on the processes of labour are therefore deeply connected with ways in which the artist's role is re-evaluated through the economic and political crisis, especially in relation to current cultural and political discussions about the applicability of knowledge and imaginative and creative practices.

Introduction : Labour and performance

Gabriele Klein, Bojana Kunst

pp. 1 - 3

Labour, Life, Art : On the social anthropology of labour

Gabriele Klein

pp. 4 - 13

Permanent Performance

Dieter Lesage

pp. 14 - 21

Practice comes before Labour : An attempt to read performance through Marx’s notion of practice

Josefine Wikström

pp. 22 - 27

Giant City and Evaporated Landscapes

Mette Ingvartsen

pp. 28 - 31

Economy of Human Movement : Performances of economic knowledge

Katja Rothe

pp. 32 - 39

Revolution : Challenging the automaton: Repetitive labour and dance in the industrial workspace

Caroline Radcliffe, Sarah Angliss

pp. 40 - 47

Symphony of the Surplus/Value : Notes on labour, valorization and sabotage in the metropolitan factory

Stevphen Shukaitis

pp. 48 - 55

Embros : Twelve thoughts on the rise and fall of performance practice on the periphery of Europe

Gigi Argyropoulou

pp. 56 - 62

Critical Performance Studies : A practical response to the celebration of new modes of work in performing arts

Ana Vujanović

pp. 63 - 71

Performing Labour Relations in the Age of Austerity

Aldo Milohnić

pp. 72 - 79

working (with) dance : Notes on contemporary dance and choreography in Morocco and Tunisia

Sandra Noeth

pp. 80 - 86

WOW - WE WORK HERE : Dear women on work


pp. 87 - 93

‘Being in common’ : Theorizing artistic collaboration

Rudi Laermans

pp. 94 - 102

Say the Word and MOVE

Terry O'Connor, Wendy Houstoun, Joe Kelleher

pp. 103 - 111

Changes – reprise


pp. 112 - 115

Art and Labour : On consumption, laziness and less work

Bojana Kunst

pp. 116 - 125

Review: Urgent Realities at Festival d’Avignon 2012

pp. 126 - 128

Review: Martha Wilson Sourcebook:40 Years of Reconsidering Performance, Feminism, Alternative Spaces

Claire MacDonald

pp. 129 - 132

Notes on Contributors

pp. 133 - 134