Performance Research Volume 2 Issue 3

On Refuge

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp & Claire MacDonald

ISBN: 978-0-415-16180

Performance has ever been nomadic. Many artists have found themselves politically, culturally and financially exiled from institutions, have chosen or been forced to migrate, or deliberately to situate themselves outside accepted structures and sites. On Refuge examines how those conditions affect the work and considers how contemporary performance constitutes the conditions for its own production – and its own survival. The issue will explore ideas about home and exile, site, location and migration – both of artists themselves and of the forms at play in performance today.

Prepared Pages: Home

Kirsten Lavers

pp. i - iii


Ric Allsopp

pp. viii

Open Transmission

Krzysztof Wodiczko

pp. 1 - 8

A Path Is Always Between Two Points

Andrea Phillips

pp. 9 - 16

Prepared Pages: Photogrammetry

desperate optimists, Chris Dorley Brown

pp. 17 - 24

Performing Displacement: desperate optimists and the arts of impropriety

Andrew Quick

pp. 25 - 29

Two Continents, No Refuge: Engendering the problematics of home

Marcia Blumberg

pp. 30 - 38

Prepared Pages: After the Hunt (After Ovid)

Marc von Henning, Kevin Mount

pp. 39 - 44

Who is Lili Fischer

Kirsten Winderlich

pp. 45 - 49

Against Ontology: Making distinctions between the live and the mediatized

Philip Auslander

pp. 50 - 55

Prepared Pages: Shaved Pages (tabula rasa): 'Your Hearing Problem and How to Cope With it' (RNID Handbook 1978)

Aaron Williamson

pp. 56 - 57

Prepared Pages: Home

Kirsten Lavers

pp. 57 - 58

The Oresteia of the Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio

Valentina Valentini

pp. 58 - 64

No Hiding Place

Alan Read

pp. 65 - 74

Stepping into the Light

Claire MacDonald

pp. 75 - 84

A-Z: (R-T): A Conversation with Iain Sinclair

Alan Read

pp. 85 - 90

The Memory Work

Arnold Dreyblatt

pp. 91 - 96

Prepared Pages: Liquid Rapture

Roger Bourke, Daniella Faggio

pp. 92 - 113

Cultural Unconsciousness in Meg Stuart's Allegorical Performances

Rudi Laermans

pp. 97 - 101

On Emigré

Kevin Mount

pp. 102 - 104

Book Reviews

Hilary Gresty, Catherine Laws, Tracey Warr

pp. 105 - 109

Archive Review

Jan Linders

pp. 110 - 115

Notes on Contributors

pp. 116 - 117

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Kirsten Lavers

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