Performance Research Volume 13 Issue 2

On Performatics

Issue editors: Richard Gough & Grzegorz Ziółkowski

ISBN: 978-0-415-49440

On Performatics is a special edition of PR inspired by, arising from, and responding to the conference Performance Studies: and Beyond hosted by the Grotowski Centre, Wrocl/aw, Poland. The Polish title of the conference was Performatyka: perspektywy rozwojowe, which can be translated as Performance Studies: the perspectives for development. However, is it more provocative, and potentially more useful, if the literal translation is retained and Performatyka is rendered back into English as Performatics? What might this term suggest? Does it have the potential to function universally and denote a field of study that might otherwise be difficult to capture by the Anglo-American definition of Performance Studies with its specific terms of reference – a term which is often lost in translation, diffused and confused even as it strives for global recognition. What relevance and currency could Performatics have? Might it function as an adjective of performance as well as a way of analysing it (as an alternative to the over-used and abused ‘performative’)? And what equivalences to Performatyka exist in other languages and cultures and how might they be defined, harnessed and brought into use? On Performatics will reflect on the impact and efficacy of this term in Poland, today and for the future and with a critical historical perspective together with speculation on its potential currency beyond.

Editorial: On Performatics

Richard Gough, Grzegorz Ziólkowski

pp. 1 - 5

(Definition) Performatics: Making a noun out of an adjective

Lynette Hunter

pp. 7 - 7

Towards an Anthropology of Performance(s)

Leszek Kolankiewicz

pp. 8 - 24

(Definition) Performatyka

Paul Allain

pp. 25 - 25

(Definition) The Reality of 'Doing Reality'

Rudi Laermans

pp. 25 - 25

The Performative Matrix: Alladeen and Disorientalism

Jon Mckenzie

pp. 26 - 36

(Definition) En Conjunto - from el performance to la performativa

Maria M. Delgado, Caridad Svich

pp. 37 - 38

My Performatics

Tomasz Kubikowski

pp. 39 - 45

(Definition) A Performattic Nightmare and a Performantic Dream

Enzo Cozzi

pp. 46 - 46

The Ceramic Age: Things Hidden Since the Foundation of Performance Studies

Alan Read

pp. 47 - 58

(Definition) Performatics 1.1

Freddie Rokem

pp. 59 - 59

Song from Beyond the Dark

Dariusz Kosinski

pp. 60 - 75

(Definition) Die neun Wissenschaftsdisziplinen der Performatik ['New Scientific Discipline: Performatik']

Johannes Birringer

pp. 76 - 79

Surrogate Stages: Theatre, Performance and the Challenge of New Media

Christopher Balme

pp. 80 - 91

(Definition) Towards Nu-Academia

Florian Feigl

pp. 92 - 92

A Debate between Wodzimierz Staniewski and Leszek Kolankiewicz, led by Grzegorz Ziókowski

Wodzimierz Staniewsk, Leszek Kolankiewicz, Grzegorz Ziólkowski

pp. 93 - 109

(Definition) Letter to Adorno: on the question of performatics

Karoline Gritzner

pp. 110 - 110

The Key to All Locks: Conversation between Wojciech Dudzik, Dariusz Kosinski, Tomasz Kubikowski, Magorzata Leyko and Dobrochna Ratajczakowa

Wojciech Dudzik, Dariusz Kosinski, Tomasz Kubikowski

pp. 111 - 120

(Definition) The Street is the State: Rangoon/Yangon, September 2007

Paul Rae

pp. 121 - 122

Back of Beyond

Richard Gough

pp. 123 - 136

(Definition) Installing Performatics: Terms and Conditions

Daniel Watt

pp. 137 - 137

(Definition) To the editors

Peter Hulton

pp. 138 - 138

Raft and Mooring

Dariusz Kosinski

pp. 139 - 145

(Definition) Performatics: Inscribing the Blur at the Place of Difference

Ana Vujanović

pp. 146 - 146

(Definition) Performatics: Against Definition

Anston Bosman

pp. 147 - 148

Notes on Contributors

pp. 149 - 150