Performance Research Volume 11 Issue 2


Issue editors: Ric Allsopp

ISBN: 978-0-415-40596

An issue on the nature of the index as a form, as an operation to be performed, as an ordering relation, a repertoire or register, rubric or catalogue. An issue that explores the use of indexes as a means of recording and generating through alphabetic, numerical or colour schemas; or through measurement, linking, adjustment, tracking and navigation. An issue that explores what indexes can tell us about the textual and performance forms that they relate to, explores their use as something visible, evident or revelatory that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else. An issue that looks into the index as a means of restriction or censorship of particular readings or performances, or organizes the terms under which performance is debated, discussed, conducted, written about and constructed.


Ric Allsopp, David Williams

pp. 3 - 4

Index and the Body of Philosophy: On Derrida's 'Performances Without Presence'

Luka Bekavac

pp. 4 - 11

Empty Entries [artist's pages]

Ric Royer

pp. 12 - 14

Preserving the Performance: Scholarship as Art [Aufführung und Aufzeichnung – Kunst der Wissenschaft?]

Gabriele Brandstetter

pp. 15 - 23

Indexing Death in Seven Xingwei and Zhuangzhi Pieces

Meiling Cheng

pp. 24 - 38

Triple Cased Content: In tandem with a puppet partner [artist's pages]

Teresa Grimaldi, Mark Leahy

pp. 39 - 42

Deborah Hay: A performance primer

Jim Drobnick

pp. 43 - 57

An Encyclopaedia of Performance Art


pp. 58 - 66

Start where you are: Graphic ordering influences improvisational dance

Katherine Gillieson, Alexis Andrew, Elizabeth MacKinnon

pp. 67 - 74

Inflecting Particles: Locating generative indexes for performance in the interstices of dance and computer science

Norah Zuniga Shaw, Matthew Lewis

pp. 75 - 86

Dividing, Defending, Ordering: Definitions and repercussions of belonging in the term 'Dancer'

Ralph Buck, Mark Harvey, Alys Longley

pp. 87 - 94

The Vanishing, or Little Erasures without Significance?

Susan Melrose

pp. 95 - 107

The Culture of Performance, Performing and Performance Arts [artist's pages]

Boris Nieslony

pp. 108 - 109

Directions for Leaving (Part 2)

Michelle Tupko

pp. 110 - 114

A Manifesto for a New Walking Culture

Wrights & Sites

pp. 115 - 122

A Dictionary of Re-received Ideas (Part 2)

pp. 123 - 136

The Case for Bengt af Klintberg: A supplement to re-received ideas

Ken Friedman

pp. 137 - 144

Performance Review: Melting Away

Una Bauer

pp. 145 - 147

Notes on Contributors

pp. 148 - 150