Performance Research Volume 8 Issue 2


Issue editors: Peter M. Boenisch & Ric Allsopp

ISBN: 978-0-415-32131

Bodiescapes will be the second issue in a volume dealing with the body and the senses in performance. Bodiescapes investigates the body of the performer and of the spectator in, around and at performance. The issue will highlight three central aspects of physicality in performance under the headings of: ‘Body Matters’ – putting forward a theoretical framework, applying and weighing up deconstructivist, postmodern, semiotic or phenomenological approaches; ‘Body (Re)Members’ – focusing practically on the (non-)moving body, on ideologies of physical theatre training as well as insight from practice-based research; and ‘Body Shapes / Body Escapes?’ –opening up perspectives on historical, contemporary, political and performative case studies on corporeality. The editors have invited academics and practitioners working in the field to contribute on aspects of the body, movement and physicality in performance ranging from contemporary performance and its analysis to historical facets, from ‘physical’ drama productions to dance, mime and performance theatre.


Peter M. Boenisch, Ric Allsopp

pp. 1 - 2

Gestures at Vanishing Point? On the politics of the modern theatre

Erwin Jans

pp. 3 - 9

Sweet [artist's pages]

Lisa Deanne Smith

pp. 10 - 13

Ghosted Corpses: Performing bodies, material landscapes

Shawn Kairschner

pp. 14 - 20

Translating Theologies of the Body: SITI's physical theatre training and corporeal ideology

Julia Whitworth

pp. 21 - 27

Weak Dance Strong Questions [artist's pages]

Jonathan Burrows, Jan Ritsema

pp. 28 - 33

Memory, Repetition and Critical Intervention: The politics of historical reference in recent European dance performance

Ramsay Burt

pp. 34 - 41

(Nao) se pode falar/(Not) Being Able to Speak Oneself [artist's pages]

Kattrin Deufert, Thomas Plischke

pp. 42 - 45

Historical Dust and the Ground of Violence: Colonial memory in a dance by Vera Mantero

André Lepecki

pp. 46 - 54

Hyperexoticism: On new transcultural performance

Franz Anton Cramer

pp. 55 - 60

Subversion and the Dancing Body: Autonomy on display

Bojana Kunst

pp. 61 - 68

The Desire for Bodily Subversions: Episodes, interplays, and monsters

Anna Schober

pp. 69 - 81

Strategies of Avoidance: Dance in the age of the mass culture of the body

Gerald Siegmund

pp. 82 - 90

Love University [artist's pages]

Felix Ruckert, Bernd Hartung

pp. 91 - 99

Sensing Bodies: A phenomenological approach to the performance sensorium

Stephen Di Benedetto

pp. 100 - 108

Breathing Heiroglyphics: Deciphering Artaud's 'affective athleticism'

Tony Gardner

pp. 109 - 116

MANRESA: autobiography as method… (Part 2)

Claudia Wegener

pp. 117 - 134

Book Review: Critical Assemblage

Claire MacDonald

pp. 135 - 137

The You & the I [artist's pages]

Kira O'Reilly

pp. 138 - 139

Notes on Contributors

pp. 140 - 142