Performance Research Volume 25 Issue 6

Practices of Interweaving

Issue editors: Richard Gough, Christel Weiler, Stefan Donath

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2021) 25:6

This double issue of Performance Research is the result of a two-year collaboration with the International Research Center ‘Interweaving Performance Cultures’ at the Freie Universität, Berlin. The Center was founded in 2008 with the aim of opening up a completely new field of research: processes of interweaving performance cultures. For ten years, scholars from around the world were invited to be Fellows, conducting their own research in relation to the Center’s theme. While the word ‘interweaving’ points to a variety of practices - activities of merging heterogeneous materials, encounters between living beings and objects, processes of interaction and negotiation and the fraught undertaking of engaging with one other, entailing the risk of resistance - it also points to togetherness, tension, retreat and potential transformation.

Since its concluding conference in July 2018, the Center has focused on producing a multi-volume series of scholarly publications on specific aspects of the interweaving of performance cultures. However, from the inception of the project, artists were also invited to take up residency at the Center, to give guest presentations, to explore radical reinterpretations of interweaving and to pursue their artistic practice within the theme. This issue will weave and curate material from many of these visiting artists, exploring different formats for the presentation of their practice – interviews, conversations, manifestos, photo-essays, artist-pages and texts.


Stefan Donath, Richard Gough, Christel Weiler

pp. 1 - 10

“I want to blur that sense of identity and I wanted to do that with the museum”

Nikhil Chopra

pp. 11 - 24

Canvases and Frames

Nikhil Chopra, Richard Gough

pp. 25 - 32

Braiding with Time

Anuradha Kapur, Richard Gough

pp. 33 - 43

It’s All One Family

Niky Wolcz, Christel Weiler

pp. 44 - 498

Sitting With My Legs Crossed – Unfolding

Rosanna Raymond

pp. 50 - 57

If the Shoe Fits … Wear It!

Catherine Diamond, Teresa Barja

pp. 58 - 65

Extravagantly Enigmatic

Ong Keng Sen

pp. 66 - 78

Creating Nothing

Ong Keng Sen

pp. 79 - 88

Kattaikkūttu’s Performance Spaces

Hanne M. de Bruin, Sue Rees

pp. 89 - 107

Advaita Vedanta and Qi Gong

Johanna Devi

pp. 108 - 111

Difficult Dialogue Between Artists and Academics/Scholars

Danny Yung, Richard Gough

pp. 112 - 123

Touch Me, If You Want

Janez Janša

pp. 124 - 129

You Never Knocked On My Door or Okay, Bigmouth, Join In

Tamer Yigit, Christel Weiler

pp. 130 - 135

Live Transference on Stage as the Creation of a New Type of Performer

Monika Gintersdorfer

pp. 136 - 141

(In)Tending to Provoke

Kaite O'Reilly, Christel Weiler

pp. 142 - 146

A Moment When All Concepts Get Lost

Ismael Ivo, Christel Weiler, Stefan Donath

pp. 147 - 158

What is Vodun?

Koffi Kôkô

pp. 159 - 164

Towards Anamnestic Art

Jarosław Fret

pp. 165 - 174

Allowing the Sacred to Appear

Magdalena Mądra

pp. 175 - 183

New Every Day

Aram Kerovpyan, Virginia Kerovpyan

pp. 184 - 191

Guts ’n’ Brains

Susan Leigh Foster

pp. 192 - 195

You Don’t Do Those Things Alone

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

pp. 196 - 203

Interweaving Performance Cultures

Rabih Mroué, Richard Gough

pp. 204 - 213

Singing the Future Now

David Moss

pp. 214 - 220

Dance as a Gift

Nanako Nakajima, Gabriele Brandstetter

pp. 221 - 232

A Hongkonger in Bangalore

Kimho Ip

pp. 233 - 239

In Praise of Bastards

Michael Roes

pp. 240 - 242

Catastrophe/Catharsis of Creative Process and Unknown Journey

Yuko Kaseki

pp. 243 - 251

Distant Interweaving, Close Knots

Evelyn Schuler Zea

pp. 252 - 256

Intercultural Listening

Peter Lichtenfels, Kevin O'Connor, Regina Gutiérrez

pp. 257 - 262

Interweaving as a living theatre practice

Femi Osofisan, Biodun Jeyfo, Christel Weiler, Stefan Donath, Stefan Donath

pp. 263 - 271

‘This book is the very first opportunity for Chinese directors to collectively raise their voice’

Tian Mansha, Herbert Fritsch, Stefan Christ, Torsten Jost, Torsten Jost, Christel Weiler

pp. 272 - 281

‘Persian Hippolyte’

Proshot Kalami

pp. 282 - 288

Performing Change

Nora Amin

pp. 289 - 293

I Had Fun Fearing Cockroaches

Lina Majdalanie

pp. 294 - 299

Internal Life

Paul Carter

pp. 300 - 309

The Forme of Cury

Richard Gough

pp. 310 - 340

Festivilization of Cultures [review]

Azadeh Sharifi

pp. 341 - 342

White Shadows on Contemporary African Performance [review]

Rainy Demerson

pp. 342 - 343

Notes on Contributors

pp. 344 - 346