Performance Research Volume 4 Issue 3

On Silence

Issue editors: Claire MacDonald

ISBN: 978-0-415-19804

The greatest irony about silence is that there has been so much said about it. In fact, in this noisiest of centuries, silence has emerged as one of the richest areas of critical enquiry and most powerful elements of artistic expression. For the final issue of this millennium, Performance Research will look at its nature, uses and meaning across the fields of performance. We wish to explore silence as metaphor, as practice, as absence, emptiness and experience, political silence and silencing, musical and visual silence, and the place of silence in the history of the avant garde, as well as linguistic and philosophical approaches to silence.

Editorial: Sounding Out

Claire MacDonald

pp. iii - iv

Performative Silences

Rudi Laermans

pp. 1 - 6

The Silence of Photographs

Jean Baudrillard

pp. 7 - 7

Understanding Silence: Meaning and interpretation

Lisa Schwartz

pp. 8 - 11

Performance in the Proximity of Silence

John Lutterbie

pp. 12 - 16

See to Hear - Deaf Sign Language as Performance

Lib Taylor

pp. 17 - 23

Partition du Silence, 1997

Pierre Huyghe

pp. 24 - 24

Silence - The Development of a New Musical-Theatrical Category

Regine Elzenheimer

pp. 25 - 33

Erotic Silence

Simon Shepherd

pp. 34 - 39

Acoustic Shadows: Cast behind the curtain

Shirley MacWilliam

pp. 40 - 46

Surface Noise/Silent Sea

Peter Stafford

pp. 47 - 50

Audible WITHIN: Brian Catling's performance soundings

Aaron Williamson

pp. 51 - 59

Committed to Paper: Curating for the page

Claire MacDonald

pp. 60 - 63

just for now (and then)… some notes on time and event [artist's pages]

Monica Ross

pp. 64 - 71

Silent Images [artist's pages]

Vit Hopley, Yve Lomax

pp. 72 - 75

Geometries of Attention [artist's pages]

Joan Retallack

pp. 76 - 81

Observe Silence! A fabrication and experience of silence [artist's pages]

Bernie Lubell

pp. 82 - 89

Still-life Drawing of a Conversation

Joseph Grigley

pp. 90 - 90

Dying Swans or Sitting Ducks? A critical reflection on feminist gazes at ballet

Alexandra Carter

pp. 91 - 98

Book Reviews

Drew Milne, John Hall

pp. 99 - 106

Sounding Silence: An archive

Claire MacDonald

pp. 107 - 114

Notes on Contributors

pp. 115 - 116