Performance Research Volume 21 Issue 5

On Trans/Performance

Issue editors: Amelia Jones

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2016) 21:5

In the special issue On Trans/Performance authors address a range of intersections between trans- (implying exceeding, moving towards, changing; going across, over or beyond) and the performative (saying as doing, or that which performs something while articulating it).  The trans- implies movement and fluidity while the performative implies action and opens up questions of agency; together, they point to innovative ways of thinking about topical questions such as how we live and take action, how we identify ourselves and others, how we write history, and how we approach local versus global tensions and intersections. In this issue articles and thought pieces, as well as artists’ projects attending to the interrelation between trans- concepts and performativity, allow for the emergence of new insights regarding how performance theory works across fields such as language (translation), history (transformation or change), gender/sexuality (transgender and transsexuality or transidentification), and culture (transnational).

Introduction : Trans-ing performance

Amelia Jones

pp. 1 - 11

An Object that Belongs to No One : Theorizing performativity in relation to trans-

Tawny Andersen

pp. 12 - 16


Kélina Gotman

pp. 17 - 20

Reperformance and Transhistoricity : The Danse[s] dans la neige by Françoise Sullivan and by Luis Jacob

Anne Bénichou

pp. 21 - 34

After Performance : On transauthorship

After Performance Working Group

pp. 35 - 36

Transgenealogies of Portuguese Performance Art

Cláudia Madeira

pp. 37 - 46

Transnational Tongan Life

Teena Brown, Richard Pamatatau

pp. 47 - 48

Trans-embodiment : Embodied practice in puppet and material performance

Alissa Mello

pp. 49 - 58

The Human and the Chatterbot : Tracing the potential of transdimensional performance

Madison Mainwaring

pp. 59 - 64


Stefania Mylona

pp. 65 - 67

Going Ape : Simian feminism and transspecies drag

Joshua Williams

pp. 68 - 77

Transmaterial Becoming

Klaus Spiess, Lucie Strecker

pp. 78 - 80

Welsh and Khasi Cultural Dialogues : Transactions and translations

Lisa Lewis, Aparna Sharma

pp. 81 - 84

A Dictionary in the Archives : Translating and transcribing silenced histories in French and Wendat

VK Preston

pp. 85 - 88

Decolonizing Immersion : Translation, spectatorship, rasa theory and contemporary British dance

Royona Mitra

pp. 89 - 100

No pressure, but find me a bed out there

Tara Fatehi Irani

pp. 101 - 106

The Transtemporality of Online Performance

Christopher Engdahl

pp. 107 - 110

TRANS TIME : Time for trans visibility in contemporary art

Marie-Claude G. Olivier, Audrey Laurin

pp. 111 - 113

Protocol and Performativity : Queer selfies and the coding of online identity

Mikhel Proulx

pp. 114 - 117

Bleed through : an artist project insert

Sean Griffin, Susan Silton, Juliana Snapper

pp. 118 - 118

Myths of Stillness

Johnny Forever Nawracaj

pp. 119 - 122

Transactivism, the Translocal, Art and Performance

Mark W. Rectanus

pp. 123 - 126

Trans-Spectator : The spectator’s bodily participation in Via Negativa’s performance Bi ne bi

Tomaž Krpič

pp. 127 - 130

Tightrope, Translation and Transformation

Stephen Lawson, Aaron Pollard

pp. 131 - 133

When Trans Walks into Action, Mission and Formation

Victoria Stanton, Sylvie Tourangeau, Evelyne Bouchard, Nicole Panneton, Nicole Panneton, Diane Dubeau, Julie Laurin

pp. 134 - 137

Transgressing the Transmission of Performance in La Zona Centro, Mexicali

Dino Dinco

pp. 138 - 139

The Politics of Plants : A botanical exploration of urban transformation

Noémie Despland-Lichtert

pp. 140 - 141

Performing Environments : Site-specificity in medieval and early modern English drama (review)

Roberta Barker

pp. 142 - 144

Showroom : A decade of rapid urban development in Toronto (review)

Teresa Carlesimo

pp. 145 - 147

Notes on Contributors

pp. 148 - 150