Performance Research Volume 21 Issue 1

On Sleep

Issue editors: Ric Allsopp

ISSN: 1352-8165 (2016) 21:1

On Sleep sets out to gather research and speculative articles, artist’s pages and images, critical and creative writings on the performance of sleep, and on how sleep as a state of being, as an image, as a metaphor, as a passivity or as an activity, can act as a catalyst for performance, or is performed. Sleep (and sleeplessness) as a trope, as a pictorial or literary image has been a consistent cultural representation since antiquity. Artists (and audiences) often operate generatively in the transitions between waking to sleeping, at the borders where conscious and unconscious states merge with each other. The issue will include recent work on the performance of sleep in relation to theatre, live art, choreography, dramaturgy, philosophy, medicine, spectatorship, and material culture.

On Sleep

Ric Allsopp

pp. 1 - 5

Heavy – Sleep, Dance, Loss : The surrender of the translator

Rachel Fensham

pp. 6 - 11

Is the Artist Present? : Live (and conscious) art at a Borderline

Dror Harari

pp. 12 - 17

On the Sleep of the Computer, or the Performance of Randomness : A close reading of Ralf Baecker’s Mirage

Mi You

pp. 18 - 24

Project Noordung 1995–2045 : Performance in sleep mode

Agata Juniku

pp. 25 - 30

Lucid Sleeping : A meditation on nightmares, bubbles and incantation

Ted Hiebert

pp. 31 - 36

Sleepwalking Through the Neutral : (with Roland Barthes and Maurice Blanchot …)

Alice Lagaay

pp. 37 - 41

Sleeplessness in Sleep : Beckett’s gestures of dream

Corey Wakeling

pp. 42 - 48

Bargaining With Hypnos : Sleep deprivation in junior doctors as durational misperformance

Alan Bleakley

pp. 49 - 52

20 Days of Dream Telepathy (artist’s pages)

Sean Peoples, Veronica Kent

pp. 53 - 57

Asleep Beside a Frozen Sea

Kevin Mount

pp. 58 - 64

The Dream Work in Theatre

Aldo Miholnić

pp. 65 - 71

Dream Analysis : Private journeys in public thoroughfare

Sam Trubridge

pp. 72 - 78

Sleeping with Tehran : The story of a body out of place

Saba Zavarei

pp. 79 - 82

‘I’m Sleeping’ : The metaphor of sleep as a dramaturgical directive in performance

Danae Theodoridou

pp. 83 - 87

Dreaming the Stage Within the Screen in The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton

Rachel Joseph

pp. 88 - 93

The Image of Sleep

Michael Pigott

pp. 94 - 100

The Sleeping Spectator : A sleep cultures critique of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More

Danielle Drees

pp. 101 - 105

Some Repetitive Activity in Shifts and Sheets

Jennie Cole

pp. 106 - 109

Drowsing in Theatre Performances : Lulling the audience’s attention through sonic means

Katharina Rost

pp. 110 - 114

Digital Sleep and the Performance of Lucidity in Paprika

Alice Vernon

pp. 115 - 119

Kris Verdonck’s EXIT : Between negative space and machinic sleep

Kristof Van Baarle

pp. 120 - 125

Sleep, Laziness and Making

Nik Wakefield

pp. 126 - 131

Dream Yards

Claire Hind, Gary Winters

pp. 132 - 137

The Best Residency Programme, Open to All : Sleep

Jessy Layne Tuddenham

pp. 138 - 139

Performing and Resisting a Drag and Drop/Plug and Play World (review)

Heather McLean

pp. 140 - 142

Dwelling between Memories and Dreams (review)

Barbora Příhodová

pp. 143 - 144

Notes on Contributors

pp. 145 - 146

Early Morning 3 (loose insert)

Francesco Gagliardi

pp. 147