Performance Research Volume 15 Issue 1

Memento Mori

Issue editors: Robert John Brocklehurst & Daniel Watt

ISBN: 978-0-415-55682

Memento Mori explores how theatre, performance and the cultural practices of death bring mortality to mind, enabling us to reflect upon our own lives and the lives of those departed. Performance equally struggles with the passing of its own event and the complex archival activity that stands in place of its vanishing. Despite our best attempts at seriousness and respect issues of death and dying provoke grim humour, sensationalist performances and slapstick comedy. This issue questions how and why we attempt to negotiate the processes of death and dying or find representations and memorialisations that attempt to normalize the inevitable. Memento Mori includes a range of critical and photographic essays, artist’s pages and interviews, that explore the ways in which death and the cultural practices that surround it are represented and memorialised in social and private spaces, from theatre to everyday ritual.

Intro 1: PSi Mis-Performing Papers

Lada Čale Feldman

pp. 1 - 5

Consider Phlebas …

Robert John Brocklehurst, Daniel Watt

pp. 1 - 3

The Hanging Man: Death, indeterminacy and the event

Lib Taylor

pp. 4 - 13

A Glass of War: LS (remix) Chapter 7

Matthew Goulish

pp. 14 - 22

Corpo-Reality, Voyeurs and the Responsibility of Seeing: Night of the Dead on the island of Janitzio, Mexico

Ruth Hellier-Tinoco

pp. 23 - 31

Beyond Performance: Yukio Mishima’s Theatre of Death

Yuji Sone

pp. 32 - 40

Vodou, Penises and bones: Ritual performances of death and eroticism in the cemetery and the junk yard of Port-au-Prince

Myron M. Beasley

pp. 41 - 47

Tissue to Text: Ars moriendi and the theatre of anatomy

Karen Ingham

pp. 48 - 57

Bodyworlds and Theatricality: ‘Seeing death, live’

Gianna Bouchard

pp. 58 - 65

[artists pages]

Kreider + O’leary

pp. 66 - 71

A Rehearsal for Mortals

Per Roar

pp. 72 - 80

On the Performativity of Absence: Death as community

Natasha Lushetich

pp. 81 - 89

Martyrium as Performance

Daniel Tércio

pp. 90 - 99

I see you, but I don’t see you dying …

Dorinda Hulton

pp. 100 - 109

The Putrefaction of Diogenes Postponed Memento mori in the work of Robert O. Lenkiewicz (1941–2002)

M. A. Penwill

pp. 110 - 122

Coffins and Cameras: A conversation with Sheree Rose

Klare Scarborough

pp. 123 - 130

Of Last Things in Memento Mori: Silence, eternity and death

Michal Kobialka

pp. 131 - 139

The Death of the Actor

Nigel Ward

pp. 140 - 147

Notes on Contributors

pp. 149 - 150