Performance Research Volume 6 Issue 1


Issue editors: Claire MacDonald

ISBN: 978-0-415-26311

‘Departures’ will open our sixth year of publication and begins a critical and creative enquiry into travel. This will be the first of three related issues which engage with the migrations of people, performance and performance cultures, generating writing around differing geographies and histories of travel and travelling performance in a diversity of written and visual forms. This issue will include contributions which engage with a variety of critical and artistic points of departure, and ways of thinking about the idea of ‘departures’ in the widest sense of the term, both actual and metaphorical, and about possible ‘departures’ within a variety of sites and contexts – geographical, political, theoretical and artistic.

Editorial: Points of Departure

Claire MacDonald

pp. 1 - 2

Between Journeys: an interview with Lee Wen

Woon Tien Wei

pp. 3 - 7

The Currency of the Travelling Artist

Johannes Lothar Schröder

pp. 8 - 11

Visions of Migration: Internal diasporas

Caridad Svich

pp. 12 - 23

Departures: an excursion into discursiveness

Lenora Champagne

pp. 24 - 28

Departing from Oneself: Cases of pre-rational mimesis before a spatial artwork

Çetin Sarikartal

pp. 29 - 36

Leaving Berlin: On the performance of monumental change

Nicolas Whybrow

pp. 37 - 45

Las Vegas: The post-cinematic city

Juliet Flower MacCannell

pp. 46 - 64

Sacred way - Iera Odos

Lizzie Calligas, Claire MacDonald

pp. 65 - 70

Tokyo Diary

Peter Eckersall, Rachel Fensham, Edward Scheer

pp. 71 - 86

Departing the Nation: Illusion as art

Alexander Del Re

pp. 87 - 89

cesarean [artist's pages]

Teresa Konechne

pp. 90 - 93

Transnationality and Directing: The burden of race, culture and imagination

Olusegun Ojewuyi

pp. 94 - 100

A Love Three Incarnations Long

Peter Sellars, Maria M. Delgado

pp. 101 - 107

Oan Hon (Lost Souls): Lament for Cambodia, Vietnam, Hiroshima, Kosovo and East Timor, May - September 1999

Moira Roth

pp. 108 - 116

Two Blind Journeys [artist's pages]

Guy Briller, Hadas Ophrat

pp. 117 - 120

Reviews: All Over the Map

Claire MacDonald

pp. 121 - 123

Book Reviews

Peta Tait, Tracey Warr

pp. 124 - 131

Performance Reviews - The 2000 London Biennale

Pernilla Holmes, Claudia Wegener

pp. 132 - 139

Notes on Contributors

pp. 140 - 142