Forthcoming issues

Volume 22 Issue 2

Turning Animal

Issue editors: Nicolas Salazar Sutil
Publication date: 30 June 2017

Against a recent World Wildlife Fund report, claiming that by 2020 almost two thirds of animal species in the world will be extinct, Turning Animal raises a number of urgent critical questions concerning the timeless problem of categorizing the human in opposition to the animal. Drawing on a recent turn within the posthumanities that problematizes the humanist distinction of the animal as ‘other’, this issue considers how performance studies has embraced the possibilities of ‘animal becoming’, in a conceptual sense as well as the act of ‘turning animal’ in a more material and performative sense. With contributions coming from a variety of critical perspectives, as well as a wide array of geographic and species-specific contexts, this issue urges us to consider how, in the face of a ‘sixth mass extinction’, our condition as human earthling is ecologically bound to earthly life of all shapes and sizes.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 22, issue 2 - Turning Animal

Volume 22 Issue 3

On Taste

Issue editors: Joshua Abrams and Richard Gough
Publication date: 31 July 2017

Taking as a challenge the proverb that there is no disputing about taste, ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’, On Taste brings together a variety of contributors to examine notions of gustatory taste in relation to performance and performativity. Ranging across historical cookbooks, contemporary performance art, home cooking and restaurant dining as well as across varied cultures from throughout the world, the articles in this issue upend relationships of the aesthetics of sense and sensibility, as a means of understanding varying practices through embodied cognition, asking questions about what epistemologies of understanding might gain from a serious contemplation of taste as and in performance.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 22, issue 3 - On Taste

Volume 22 Issue 4

On Proximity

Issue editors: Ben Cranfield & Louise Owen
Publication date: 31 August 2017

On Proximity addresses the ‪affects and politics of forms of closeness and distance in a variety of cultural practices. Prompted by the pervasiveness of performance strategies declaring themselves immersive or participatory, and the fascination with connectivity evident in contemporary curatorial discourse, the issue puts critical pressure on binaries such as passivity/activity, consumption/production, and freedom/control by attending to the plurality of relational positions that are created through cultural practice. The articles in this issue explore how a range of forms and modes of proximity are made manifest in art, theatre and performance in different social and historical contexts. From the dramaturgy of psychosis and the curating of fictional lives, to online intimacies, the social praxis of song, and contemporary political cultures, On Proximity is itself an exercise in exploring the potentialities of bringing diverse subjects, objects and disciplines into closer relation.

Illustration of Performance Research Volume 22, issue 4 - On Proximity